Fostering a global impact with Turkish creators.

From local thinkers to global makers.

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Saparda is a startup studio that propels Turkish creators onto a global platform. We equip these visionaries with the tools and support to turn ideas into products, bridging local talent and global impact.

Turkish talent. Global stage.

Saparda transforms local thought into global action. A vibrant community at its core, Saparda is where creators meet builders, where ideas meet execution. We're more than a startup studio. We're a platform for Turkish talent to make a global impact. Every product we launch isn't just a success story — it's a testament to the power of creativity, transcending borders and expectations.

About Saparda

Invest boldly.

Back a vibrant ecosystem of Turkish talent ready to make their mark on the world. Explore unique opportunities with Saparda, where visionary ideas meet market-ready products.

For Investors

Journey transformed.

At Saparda, the journey from a spark of an idea to a thriving global product is elegantly simple yet impactful. Each step crafted to ensure that the creator’s vision doesn't just take off, it soars.

Our Process
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1- Spark

Creators submit their innovative ideas to Saparda. It all starts with a spark.

2- Evaluation

Our team evaluates each submission, selecting those with the greatest potential for global impact.

3- Funding

Selected ideas receive micro-funding, providing the necessary fuel to transform the idea into reality.

4- Development

Our in-house team of experts helps the creators in building the product, combining craft with creativity.

5- Launch

The fully realized product is launched into the global market, ready to soar.

6- Thrive

We drive our products' reach and resonance with strategic marketing and sales, setting them up to thrive globally.

Global impact. Locally crafted.

From groundbreaking tech innovations to next-gen consumer products, Saparda's portfolio is a testament to the global potential of Turkish talent. Explore a few of our standout successes below.

Our Portfolio
Omnicoure Logo

Omnicourse is a creator-centric audio eLearning platform, enabling experts to share their knowledge and earn based on listener engagement, while providing learners with a diverse catalog of engaging educational content.

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Notion Insider Logo

Notion Insider is a vibrant marketplace where creators sell innovative Notion templates and users discover new ways to enhance their productivity and organization.

Notion Insider Mockup
Lokomotif Logo

Lokomotif leverages AI to create both micro and macro products that solve complex challenges for enterprises.

Informate Logo

Unlock AI-powered knowledge and convenience in your WhatsApp chats with Informate.

Notion Booster Logo

Notion Booster is the most comprehensive Notion workspace management tool, ever!

Discover Our Portfolio

Rooted in community.

Komünite, our vibrant Turkish counterpart, is where our creators' journeys begin. A bustling hub of ideation, collaboration, and learning, it's where local thinkers become global makers. Explore Komünite, the foundation of Saparda's success.

Discover Komünite
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Hub of Innovation

Komünite is where ideas ignite. A collaborative space sparking creativity and innovation.

Learning Ground

A platform for growth and learning. Komünite fosters knowledge sharing and skills development.

Strong Community

In Komünite, no one stands alone. Find support, inspiration, and camaraderie among like-minded creators.

Gateway to Success

Komünite is the springboard to Saparda's global platform. Begin locally, thrive globally.

Stay informed. Stay inspired.

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Investor ROI: Komünite vs. Traditional startup studios
Investor ROI: Komünite vs. Traditional startup studios

Explore how Komünite is transforming the investment landscape by optimizing ROI through its unique micro-funding model. Learn why this approach is a game-changer for both investors and creators.

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Perks beyond ideas

As a member of our Turkish community, Komünite, you gain more than just a platform for your ideas. Enjoy exclusive perks and discounts designed to support and elevate your creator journey.


Further information

Saparda is a pioneering startup studio, focusing on micro-funding and marketing support for startups. Born from the vibrant ecosystem of Komünite, our Turkish community of creators and indie hackers, we help transform innovative ideas into market-ready products. We believe in the power of Turkish talent and aim to project it onto a global stage, leveraging our team of front-end developers, full-stack developers, community managers, business developers, and designers. At Saparda, we not only provide capital but also a wide array of resources and expert guidance to ensure the success of our funded products. Join us as we revolutionize the journey from local thinkers to global makers.