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At Komünite, we take pride in the triumphs of our creators and entrepreneurs. Each story is a testament to innovation, perseverance, and collaboration. Discover how real people achieved their goals with Komünite's support, guidance, and resources.


Omnicourse: The Spotify of eLearning

  • Idea Spark: A vision for a revolutionary audio-learning platform that connects creators, experts, and learners in a seamless experience. Born within Komünite, the concept quickly took shape.
  • Branding and Team Formation: Komünite not only found the perfect name but also created a compelling brand image and gathered co-founders from the community. The support provided was the catalyst that brought the idea to life.
  • Building the MVP: With resources and guidance, the team developed the Minimal Viable Product, turning the vision into a tangible reality. Investment Journey:
    • Early Stage: Orkun Işıtmak, one of Turkey's most prominent YouTubers, saw the potential and invested $20K for a 5% share. His belief in Omnicourse laid the foundation for further success.
    • Pre-Seed Investment: Angel Effect, Turkey's leading angel network, recognized the value and potential of Omnicourse, investing $150K for a 15% stake in the company.
  • Outcome: A flourishing platform where creators and experts can share their knowledge, and listeners can access a world of learning through a monthly subscription. A success story that showcases the powerful synergy between idea, community, execution, and investment.

Omnicourse stands as a testament to the power of community-driven innovation, guided by Komünite's mentorship and resources. This journey from a mere idea to an operational platform that attracts significant investment highlights the impact Komünite can have on turning dreams into realities.

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Flow Design Suite: Crafting and selling innovation


Flow Design Suite's journey is a prime example of Komünite's ability to conceptualize, develop, market, and even sell a successful business. It highlights the synergy between creative product design, targeted marketing, and strategic business decisions. Flow Design Suite's success is a testament to the agility and innovation that Komünite brings to every project.

Notion Insider

Notion Insider: A collaborative success story

Notion Insider

Notion Insider's journey is a testimony to the power of collaboration and shared vision. The union of Kodsuz's technical prowess and Komünite's growth expertise has paved the way for a venture that resonates with its audience. It symbolizes the future of cooperative entrepreneurship, where different entities come together to create something remarkable.

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Are you a creator or micro entrepreneur ready to succeed? Join Komünite and utilize our strategic partnership with Acquire. Together, we're simplifying the process of building, growing, and selling your products and startups. Your future begins here.

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