Empowering creators, building futures.

Welcome to Saparda, a startup studio where local thinkers transform into global makers. In this space, ideas bloom, creators thrive, and products designed for the world come to life.

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Saparda is more than a startup studio. It's the empowering force behind local creators, a catalyst that turns their innovative ideas into successful global products. Born from the vibrant Turkish community of Komünite, we're the launchpad that propels local brilliance into the global spotlight.

Our mission: A future without borders.

We imagine a world unrestricted by borders, where the local creative spark meets global opportunities. Saparda is the bridge to that world, empowering creators and ensuring their ideas find a place on the global stage.

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Our vision: A commitment to empowerment.

Empowering creators, building futures. That's what Saparda stands for. We equip creators with the resources, financial support, and expertise they need to take their innovative ideas from local concepts to globally recognized products.

About Komünite

Our pillars of success.

Saparda thrives on a set of core values that shape our actions and decisions.


Rooted in Komünite, our community is the vibrant source of the ideas we help nurture and grow.


We're not just a source of funds. We're a source of empowerment, providing creators the support they need to make their mark on the world.


Innovation drives us. We celebrate creative thinking and novel solutions, fostering an environment where innovation can thrive.

Global Reach

Our commitment goes beyond empowering local talent. We aim to showcase it on the global stage, bringing well-deserved international recognition.

Vibrant synergy.

At Saparda, we believe that a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic culture is the cornerstone of creativity and innovation. We cherish our diverse team of creators, developers, designers, and strategists, each bringing unique experiences, perspectives, and skills to the table. We cultivate an environment of collaboration, openness, and continuous learning, ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard.

Our culture is not just about working together, but growing together. We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance and foster a culture that promotes creativity, camaraderie, and personal growth. With a shared passion for creating impact, we unite our talents to transform ideas into realities.

Backed by visionaries.

We are proudly backed by a group of forward-thinking investors who share our vision of empowering creators and building futures. Their unwavering support and trust provide us with the confidence to continue on our mission to propel Turkish talent onto the world stage.

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Perks beyond ideas

As a member of our Turkish community, Komünite, you gain more than just a platform for your ideas. Enjoy exclusive perks and discounts designed to support and elevate your creator journey.