Komünite & A powerful partnership

Together with, we're cultivating a thriving ecosystem for creators and micro entrepreneurs in Turkey. This partnership bridges the gap between ideas and commerce, fostering innovation and growth. Join us and turn your dreams into tangible success.

Bridging innovation and opportunity in Türkiye

Komünite, Turkey's thriving community of digital product creators and micro entrepreneurs, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with — The best online marketplace to buy and sell startups. This collaboration unites two powerful forces to bring unprecedented opportunities for building, growing, and selling innovative products and startups.

Building with Komünite

Your starting point to entrepreneurial success

With Komünite, the journey begins with an idea. Whether it's a digital product or a unique startup concept, we provide the tools, resources, and community support needed to transform your idea into a tangible creation.


Growing with Komünite

Scaling your innovations

Komünite offers an unparalleled platform for growth. From mentoring to investment opportunities, we support creators and entrepreneurs in scaling their innovations, making them market-ready.

Our Process

Selling on Acquire's marketplace through Komünite

Unlock the value of your creation

When it's time to take the next big step, our partnership with Acquire provides the perfect platform to sell your startup or digital product. Benefit from a seamless process, vast network of buyers, and expert guidance, all through a trusted marketplace.

Success Stories

Benefits of the partnership

Empowering creators, building futures

Are you a creator or micro entrepreneur ready to succeed? Join Komünite and utilize our strategic partnership with Acquire. Together, we're simplifying the process of building, growing, and selling your products and startups. Your future begins here.

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Perks beyond ideas

As a member of our Turkish community, Komünite, you gain more than just a platform for your ideas. Enjoy exclusive perks and discounts designed to support and elevate your creator journey.